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The following rules and regulations are strictly enforced daily:

  • No slam dunking or hanging on goals.
  • Children under the age of 15 must be supervised at all times by someone 16 years or older.
  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on County property.
  • No smoking or use of any tobacco products will be allowed in the facility.
  • No smoking directly outside.  A designated smoking area is located in the lower parking lot.
  • Suitable conduct is expected of all visitors.  Anyone using profanity or vulgar language, harassing others or causing any disturbance will be asked to leave.
  • No pets allowed.
  • No glass containers of any type will be allowed in the facility.
  • No hard balls such as baseballs, softballs, soccer balls or footballs.
  • No balls of any type outside gym areas.
  • No cleats in the building.
  • No throwing anything up to or down from the track area.
  • No running or horseplay outside of gym area.
  • Neither Fannin County nor the Fannin County Recreation Department will be responsible for lost or stolen property.
  • No loitering after the Recreation Center is closed. 

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